History of Skinner’s

The Skinner’s tradition began in 1929. Selkirk merchant Jim Skinner, Sr. opened a small hot dog stand in Lockport. Jim defied the economic hard times and forever earned the trust of generations of Manitobans. Hot dogs for a dime, french fries for a nickle and the old dance hall are long gone but the long lasting tradition of a weekend drive to Skinner’s on Hwy 44 continues on for our many happy customers.

Jim Skinner’s sons showed great interest in hockey and played up through the ranks. After a storied career, Jim Skinner Jr. became the coach Detroit Red Wings and won the Stanley Cup in 1955. He was inducted into the Detroit Red Wings Hall of Fame in 1977. During his coaching years, Jim brought many of his players to work with him at Skinner’s for the summer off seasons.

Today at Skinner’s, we continue our history of proudly serving our World Famous Hot Dogs, as well as hamburgers, combo meals, fries, shakes and ice cream. Our quick take-out makes Skinner’s a popular stop for both local customers and Lockport visitors. We have worked hard to preserve the tradition of Skinner’s over the years. Please come by for a World Famous Hot Dog or a treat and spend some time looking at our memorabilia and learning more about the legacy of Skinner’s.

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